About Dr. Duffey Foutch

Dr. Foutch was born and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee. He attended the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky where he majored in Biology and earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1970. Dr. Foutch then moved to Memphis where he attended the University of Tennessee’s College of Dentistry. He earned the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1974. Upon graduation, Dr. Foutch entered into the U.S. Public Health Service and opened his practice in Rutledge. In 2004, Dr. Foutch also completed training to become a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, EMT-IV. Dr. Foutch has been practicing dentistry in Grainger County for almost 40 years.

Dr. Foutch has two children and four grandchildren. His growing family enjoys spending time together at his house on Cherokee Lake where the grandchildren stay busy fishing, riding bikes and going out on the boat. Dr. Foutch has been an avid runner almost as long as he has been practicing dentistry. Since 1975, he has completed 12 marathons, over 100 half marathons and several triathlons.